Making existing central heating work more efficiently. Helping save 30% on heating bills.
Rust occurs in all central heating systems producing a black (iron oxide) sludge; in hard water areas lime scale builds up in combination boilers just like in your kettle causing the following problems:

Radiators cold at bottom and top and need bleeding. Sludge due to gases, a by product of rusting.
Radiators cold all over due to blockages. Boiler cutting out and no circulation due valves and pipes.
Irritating boiler noise from sludge or limescale Little or no hot water due to blocked pipes scale build, a warning sign of imminent and heat exchangers.

Power Flushing or descaling your central heating system will remove the debris and will guarantee the efficient operation of the system. Also this will benefit on saving your household bills too. Power Flushing your central heating will provide long term protection.

We connect an industrial power flush machine and a powerful magnet filter to the central heating system pipe work; this is done by either removing the central pump or a radiator. Flushing the whole system without removing any additional radiators.

The power flush machine is set up so water flows from the radiators, through the magnet filter, collecting all iron oxide sludge before reaching the boiler to minimise debris entering the boiler heat exchanger.

Rust Remover chemicals which contain strong cleaning agents are added to the flush machine and the boiler is turned on. Radiator surface temperatures measured using Infrared Thermometers to detect cold rust spots. By concentrating flow through individual radiators and vibrating the radiators the rust spots are removed.

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