It can become a messy and unhygienic problem when having a blocked drain. Fortunately Kent Plumbing Solutions Ltd has a team of professionals that can perform drain clearance and drain unblocking; with the use of CCTV surveys to check for the size of the blockage and ensure that the problem is sorted in the same day.

Whether it’s your Home or Business, Kent Plumbing Solutions Ltd can sort it!!

We can provide a drainage service 24-7 365

• Drains can also be de-scaled
• High pressure jetta available to clear stubborn blockages
• CCTV inspections available
• All drains can be repaired and replaced
• Regular maintenance programmes can be arranged on request

  We clear blocked drains fast including:
• Blocked pipes
• Blocked toilets
• Blocked drains
• Blocked manholes
• Blocked gutters & pipes
• Flooding & pumping out
• Drain cleans / drain cleaning
• Drain de-scaling
• High pressure water jetting
• Rotary electrical machinery
• Test drains
• Water/Air drain test
• C.C.T.V. survey & report
• Drain re-lining
• Drain tracing
Drains repairs including:
• Drain pipes
• Soil pipes
• Broken drains
• Drain repairs & excavations
• Manhole chambers
• Inspection chambers
• Rainwater gutters
• Surface & foul drains
• Drainage excavation
• Complete drainage systems
• Reno line

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